51. Go to the beach

The beach, a fun free activity, I like it. It’s very therapeutic, the sand, the sound of calm waves a nice little breeze and very few people in winter. Yes. Only this time it was more like exercise with wind force 8, muddy beach and free sandblasting. Good for the skin though. I was going on a date with the girl I referred to in one of my previous blogs, you know the one I met when I was totally drunk on a party and forgot how she looked like and is now my girlfriend. Yes her. Her roommate drove us to Heemskerk. We walked for a couple of hours, I tried to minimize my complaining about the wind (wind scares me) as I found out that complaining on dates is unattractive. Nevertheless it was a fun walk and I wore a cap so at least my hair didn’t got messy. We had something to eat in a nice restaurant afterwards. Beach, new place in The Netherlands and going out for diner, three Day Zero goals in one day and a date with a pretty girl.

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